Burail Motor Market is one of the largest motor markets in Chandigarh and surrounding areas. It is a one-stop destination for all your vehicle needs. Burail Motor Market is famous for modification and customization of the vehicle. this market is also famous for Secondhand spare parts there are many shops and dealerships, who offer competitive and cost-effective prices.

The market has over 150-odd dealerships and shops. You can find all brands of cars, Bikes and scooters here, but Burail is also known for secondhand vehicles because it’s one of the biggest vendor centres in Punjab. There are many people who come from nearby regions to modify their car or second hand vehicles here. This market is also very famous for used spare parts and accessories because it had a jam-packed crowd of people from different regions. Burail Motor Market was established at the time of formation of Chandigarh in 1972. Many famous companies and vendors are often seen in this market.

Why Burail Motor Market is so popular ?

There are many reasons of popularity of Burail Motor Market in Chandigarh. Some of the reasons are given below:

  1. Selling at Lowest Cost

The very first thing that attracts people towards this market is its affordability. Here you can get all the accessories for your car or bike at prices much lower than other markets. The market has a lot of space so sellers do not have to pay rent, making their prices even more low.

  1. Variety of vehicles

The market has a huge variety of vehicles. You can find various cars and bikes here. You can get secondhand vehicles and bikes at very low prices here. The range of modification done here is also very wide. People from surrounding areas come to this market for customization their vehicles.

  1. Variety of vehicle Modification Services

This place is a one-stop destination for all your vehicle modification services. People from all around the city come here to modify their vehicles. You will find numerous shops, which provide modification services at cheaper prices with wide range of options to choose from.

  1. Security

The market is very safe and secure. The security guards are always on alert to protect their property. Also, the market has its own parking lot, which is very useful for people who visit this place often.

  1. Easy Accessibility

The market has its own parking lot, so it is very easy to get your vehicle here. There are plenty of parking spaces in the backside of the market, which is also a good thing for the customers, who visit this place often.

  1. A Very Popular Destination

People from all the nearby cities come to this place for various reasons. It is a one-stop destination for all your automotive needs. You will get a variety of vehicles and spare parts here at competitive rates.

  1. Late Night Operation

This market is open till very late in the night, which is an attractive feature for customers. Most of the shops and dealerships are open till night; so you will always get a chance to visit this popular market.

  1. Many Secondhand Spare Parts

You will find a lot of secondhand spare parts in this market. You can get a variety of used spare parts at very competitive prices here.

  1. Good Customer Base

This market has a lot of customer base. People from nearby cities visit this market for various reasons. It has over 150 shops and most of them are open till late night because of their famous customer base.

  1. Low Prices

The market offers very low prices for all the parts and accessories that are purchased from here. All the shops use very competitive rates to make their sales more effective. The prices offered by the dealerships are always cheaper than those offered on other markets in the city, so it is definitely an ideal destination for buying secondhand vehicles and accessories.

  1. Amazing Customer Service

This market has a very good customer service, which makes it one of the most popular markets in Chandigarh. The main objective of most of the shops and dealerships here is to provide good quality services to their customers in order to increase their sale rate and goodwill.

Best thing about Burail Motor Market

The best thing about Burail Motor Market is that you can get all the services of a mechanic in this market. There are many mechanics and parts dealers in Burail Market who can help you with all your service requirements. You will be able to find an expert who can help you fix your car or motorcycle at the most reasonable prices.

Many people come here for their vehicle repairs and modifications. This market has a lot of dealers who will gladly help you with all your vehicle needs. You can find a repair specialist for every need you have.

Our Advice

Before going to Burail Motor Market, you have to check out the main streets for some time because after entering this market, you will be attracted by ads on banners and hoardings everywhere. You can see the latest models of cars and motorbikes, their features and price at these shops. Many people come here to get their secondhand vehicles serviced from reliable mechanics. No matter what kind of vehicle you want, you will find it here. You can also find branded spare parts for your motorcycle or two-wheeler here.

You will be able to find a variety of car accessories, number plates, head lights and tail lights, mirrors, seat covers and many more in Burail Motor Market.


Burail Motor Market is located in Sector 45, Chandigarh, 160047. Because of its popularity it is easily accessible for people coming from all parts of the city.

Final Words

If you are looking for a one-stop destination for all your automotive needs, Burail Motor Market is definitely the place for you. You will find everything here from spare parts to accessories and modification services. The market is open till late night, so you will always have a chance to get all the services of a mechanic here.

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