Chandigarh University MMS Leak Case | What Happened ?

On 17-Sep-2022, Chandigarh University is in the news again and this time not for anything good. The university has faced a major protest by students after it was revealed that A female student was accused of filming 60+ female students in the hostel while they were showering and sending the footage to a guy in Shimla.

Protest outside Chandigarh university, students demand action against the accused

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When this news was revealed, a protest was organized by a group of students outside the college where they protested that the girl in question was not guilty. The protest was supported by the students of other colleges and a group of students from outside even participated in the protest. The police stepped in and asked for calm, but things soon got out of hand.

About Suicide News

And soon after this protest, we heard that a girl from Chandigarh University was taken to hospital after attempting suicide. And then, the news went viral that three female students had attempted suicide inside the university, one of whom was claimed to be dead. The incident made headlines in Chandigarh and was even reported on national news channels like Times Now and CNN-IBN

But, these reports were denied later by the police and the university authorities, that 60+ recordings were released and girls attempted suicide. Also, the media and students have been instructed not to propagate any word until it has been confirmed.

Who is Involved?

Mohali Police have arrested three persons in connection with the case including the accused female student, her boyfriend from Shimla and another Shimla resident. They appeared in the court and were remanded in jail for seven days. The police is investigating the case further. The Chandigarh University authorities are also investigating the matter. The girl and her boyfriend both hail from different cities, but they met in Shimla before she came to Chandigarh University.

Chandigarh University has been under scrutiny

Chandigarh University has been under scrutiny recently after it was revealed that a female student had been accused of filming 60+ female students in the hostel while they were showering and sending the footage to a guy in Shimla. The video was leaked and made its way to the media who ran stories of an alleged molestation case, of which Chandigarh University was roped in as a witness, proving that cases like these plague even institutions of higher education.

The Chandigarh University authorities have been facing flak both from the media and students for their blatant negligence over the matter. The girl accused of filming 60+ female students in the hostel while they were showering and sending the footage to a guy in Shimla was arrested, but no official statement has been issued on the matter till now.

What did the accused girl say when she was caught?

When the girl in question was caught, she was in a state of shock and was barely able to explain what had happened. The girl explained that the guy she had sent the footage to was her boyfriend who used to reside in Shimla. She claimed that she would often send him videos and pictures of herself and he used to say that I delete the video after watching it.

But, one day When his friend showed me a screenshot of one of my videos, I asked him to delete it. but He didn’t delete them and threatened me that he would viral them on social media. I was scared and then he started blackmailing me to send the videos of other girls. He also threatened to defame my character by spreading a rumour about me. I feared that he would reveal my identity, so I sent him videos of few girls.

She claimed that the reason she sent him videos was to prevent him from spreading the rumour. She was also not aware that this would land her in such trouble.

What is being done to protect the identities of the students?

The Chandigarh University authorities are investigating the matter and deciding about the possibility of victimizing the students. As per media reports, a strict security has been put in place by the university to protect its female students, following a complaint that girls may be targeted. It is also being said that CCTV cameras have been installed at all times in the hostels to check on any suspicious activities.

The Chandigarh University authorities are facing a lot of heat from media and students after they failed to take action against the accused female student. In fact, the university has also been criticized for its inability to tackle cases like this which happens in colleges across India. The authorities have claimed that strict action will be taken against the accused girl and as soon as a decision is reached, it will be announced. But till then, all we can do is wait for further updates about Chandigarh University MMS Leak Case.

What we should learn from this case?

After the Chandigarh University MMS Leak Case came to light, we should learn that even institutions of higher education are not immune against such incidents. The students have to be careful about who they share their videos with and what videos are being shared. The accused girl in this case was still not aware of the repercussions her actions would have on her.

We should also be aware that such cases like these happen all over India from time to time and can affect any student at any college. Also, it is important that we spread awareness about this incident as incidents like these occur all over the country every now and then.

What can you do?

Before anything else, we need to spread awareness about such cases that occur all over the country, especially in colleges. It is important to educate yourselves on what the consequences can be if you are found guilty of sharing videos. The best way to educate yourselves is by doing a little research and contacting a student’s organization which deals with these sorts of cases. There are many organizations which deal with these cases and they can guide you on how to raise a case if it happens to you in the future.

We need to spread awareness.

The fact is that we need to spread awareness about this and make sure that incidents like these are far and few. When students are empowered with the knowledge of their rights, they can seek help whenever required and can also make sure such incidents do not occur again. Also, the authorities should be more proactive in times like these and should take action against such people who victimize students in educational institutions.

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