The computer and laptop market in Chandigarh, Sector 20 is growing rapidly. There is a reason for this: the city has a high population density and a large number of businesses and offices. Moreover, many people in Chandigarh rely on computers for their work. This makes the market especially vibrant. There are a number of computer and laptop stores scattered around Chandigarh, Sector 20. If you’re looking for a computer or laptop, Then sector 20 market in chandigarh is the most convenient place to go.

why Sector 20 market is so popular ?

The main reason why the Sector 20 Computer And Laptop Market In Chandigarh is so popular is the large number of businesses, offices and computer stores in Sector 20. This means that there are plenty of people who need computers, laptops and other computer-related products. This makes the business lucrative for store owners. Moreover, it has a huge customer base. Everyone from students to professionals to housewives shop at this market. Another reason why customers are flocking to this place is good prices. People living in Chandigarh are known to be value conscious. They don’t mind spending money on quality products. The Sector 20 market is no different. It offers a wide range of computer and laptop products, at affordable prices.

What This Computer Market Has to Offer?

Computer and laptop market in Chandigarh, Sector 20 is a large and very diverse one. It is full of great offers. You can find PCs, laptops, and various accessories. This is quite convenient for the people living here. It’s because the market has everything you might need. It includes international brands like Samsung and Apple too.

This is a very large market which offers many different computer brands .This helps in getting a wide range of computer products at reasonable prices .It is one of the most popular computer markets in Chandigarh. People from all around Chandigarh come to this market every day to buy their computers or laptop . This market mainly sells computers and laptops .It also has an accessories and peripherals section . You can find everything you need in this market at an affordable cost.

The Computer Market in Sector 20 is a one-stop destination for anyone who has to deal with computers or laptops. The market offers everything you need. It has brands that can be trusted . The prices at which you can find computers and laptops here are quite reasonable. If you’re looking for a mobile or laptop, this market is the perfect place to go.

Here are some dealers providing laptops, computer accessories and other computer products in Sector 20, Chandigarh.

1) HP World of computers

  • Address: SCO 45, Ground Floor, 20C, Chandigarh, 160020
  • Phone: 086575 88402

2) Brother Computers

  • Address: Sco 48-k, 20C, Sector 20, Chandigarh, 160020
  • Phone: 098723 60773

3) DnD Infotech

  • Address: SCO 44, First Floor, 20C, Chandigarh 160020
  • Phone: 078886 27790

4) 20 Computer Warehouse

  • Address: SCO-43, Ground Floor, Dakshin Marg, near Petrol Pump, Sector 20, Chandigarh, 160020
  • Phone: 093160 61681

5) Pro Computers

  • Address: SCO No 57 1st Floor, near Gurdwara Chowk, 20C, Chandigarh, 160014
  • Phone: 093169 40007

6) North India Computers

  • Address: S.C.O. 38, 2nd Floor, Dakshin Marg, 20C, Chandigarh, 160020
  • Phone: 098722 20856

7) 2nds Computers

  • Address: Sco 48 First floor, 20C, Chandigarh, 160020
  • Phone: 082830 72324

8) Star technologies

  • Address: 2nd FLOOR, SCO-61, Dakshin Marg, 20C, Sector 20, Chandigarh, 160020

9) Asus laptop & Rog Laptop

  • Address: Asus laptop & Rog Laptop, Sco. 56, 20C, Sector 20, Chandigarh, 160020
  • Phone: 082888 32498

10) Lenovo Exclusive Store – Atlantic Technologies

Address: Ground Floor SCO 35, Dakshin Marg, Tribune Rd, 20C, Chandigarh, Punjab 160020
Phone: 080 4369 2277

Repair Services in Sector 20, Chandigarh:

There are many computer repair shops in Sector 20 market. If you want to get your computer repaired, you can visit these shops .Repairs are done on urgent basis. It is a reliable way to fix your computer without wasting much time. These repair shops are well equipped to deal with any kind of problems related to computer or laptops. These shops take all kinds of computer related issues seriously. They offer affordable prices on repairs. They fix computers and laptops quickly too.


The computer and laptop market in Chandigarh, Sector 20 is a thriving one. There are many computer stores in the area. The main reason behind the popularity of this market is its high population density and a large number of businesses and offices. This means that there are plenty of people who need computers and laptops . They don’t have to go far to buy them . All they have to do is visit Sector 20, Chandigarh. This makes it a convenient place for shopping .

Also, the market has a large and diverse customer base. There are professionals, students and housewives. This means that there is a lot of variety in customer demands. This keeps the market vibrant . You can find good products at affordable prices here . The Sector 20 computer market has it all for you!

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