Dmart Panchkula caputerd the market of big bazaar in tricity in recent time. This article show the history and 10 reason why Dmart is strong then Big Bazaar

dmart panchkula

The owner of DMart Panchkula is Radhakishan Damani. And D’Mart was started by Radhakishan Damani and his family in the year 2002 in Powai, Mumbai. D’Mart started with a single store in the year 2002, and today D’Mart has more than 221 stores across India. Friends DMart is a supermarket chain in which people’s daily needs are available. It is operated by Avenue Super Marts LTD. Its head office is in Mumbai and Dmart is the highest profit making supermarket till date.

Dmart is the most affordable supermarket in India.

The number of stores that are going to be opened by the end of 2017 is 60 and by 2020 this number is going to go up to 300 stores. How it has been growing since 2002, makes it one of the most thriving supermarket chains. We will keep updating you about the details of DMart, so stay tuned with us for more updates.

10 reasons Why D’Mart’s Business is So Successful.

D Mart

DMart was started by Mr Radhakrishna Damani and his family.

Which was created to meet the increasing day-to-day needs of Indian families. D’Mart’s first store was opened in Powai, Mumbai in the year 2002. But today they have about 184 stores in the country. His goal is to be the lowest-priced retailer, which he works well to accomplish. Even after keeping the lowest price, it is the most profitable of all Supermarts companies. So what are the reasons that make D’Mart’s business model so successful?

Let’s know about it.

Do not rent out D’Mart store land.

Most of the places where D’Mart’s stores are located have been purchased by D’Mart’s land. And in some places, the land has been taken on lease for 30 years.

Now there is a big difference between taking land on rent and taking land on lease. The rented land is taken for a short period, from which the owner of the land can increase the rent at any time. If this happens, then the company’s rent expenses can suddenly increase. But things on lease are always taken for a long time, D’Mart takes it on lease for 30 years. Due to this the price of giving to the owner of the land for 30 years is fixed.

And there is no risk of a sudden price increase. Due to this the cost of the company’s land is always under control.

Give Daily Discount instead of Discount for some special days.

Another reason for the success of art is the daily discounts. Where all other Supermarts have some special days like a festival or something like that, only then discount is kept. The same Discoun is kept in DMart Panchkula every day. Because of this, more and more people come every day to buy at low prices.

 Goods sold out quickly and in large quantities.

Due to more and more people coming to buy every day, the products are sold quickly and in large quantities in DMart Panchkula . All the rest because of selling the products quickly and in large quantity from Supermart, the Manufacturer and Supplier give them more Discount because of which From all the rest, he gets the products of the same company cheap. Because of this, he keeps a ‘Daily Discount’ in his store. Due to this, more and more people come to shop.

Pay the money to the Manufacturer or Supplier immediately.

Along with making such a large number of purchases, he gives money to the Manufacturer and Supplier within 5 – 7 days. The interest in money is less. And because of this, they give a little more discount even on early payment. In this way, DMart gets a big discount in two ways. Due to this the purchase price of their product is reduced.

Do not light and over decoration.

Apart from this, DMart Panchkula does not do excessive lighting and decoration in his store to reduce his expenses. Due to this, his money is saved.

Working on the concept of One Stop Shop.

D’Mart Panchkula works on the ‘Concept’ of One Stop Shop, because of this their products sell a lot. Like they keep all the things of daily need of the people, from which a person who comes to buy one thing buys the rest. And he does not need to go anywhere else. Because of this, more and more of his products are sold.

Those of you who run God’s business must be well aware of this concept.

Selling goods of the popular brand in the area.

In the rest of Supermart, you will find only the big brands, from which the general person buys less. Because of this, people also buy products of local brands from DMart Panchkula.

Do not open a store in a very expensive place (such as a mall).

To keep your expenses low, most of the D’Mart stores are not kept in very expensive places. That is why you will rarely find any D’Mart stores in any mall.

Opening new stores with your own money.

To reduce the cost of D’Mart even more, the new store also buys D’Mart from its own money. Due to this, they do not have to pay interest on taking a loan.

Doing a lot of research while opening a new store.

Whenever it comes to opening a new store of D’Mart, then they choose the place after researching very well. Their stores are mostly opened near the residential area where more and more people live.

Apart from this, he also takes care that his new store should also be close to his own distribution centres.

Due to this their transportation cost will be reduced. So in this way, DMart also earns the maximum profit by minimizing all its expenses and selling large quantities of products as quickly as possible. And because of the discount received from the manufacturer, we are also able to sell the product at the least price.

This is what makes their DMart Business Mode very successful. I hope you know the 10 reasons behind the success of DMart’s business model. (10 Reasons Behind D’Mart Business Model’s Success)



Why is DMart successful?

Moreover, Dmart’s success is mainly focused on three things: All Customers, Vendors, and their Employees. Take Customers is their real-time strategy since D mart is targeting middle-income households, all its realtime stores are in, or near to, residential areas that are not in malls