Fortis Hospital Chandigarh is one of the top hospitals in India with a network of more than 30 hospitals across India. Fortis is leading provider of world-class health care services

fortis hospital chandigarh

This is how Fortis Hospital started, now it is a business of 5 thousand crores

Shivinder Mohan Singh, co-founder and executive vice chairman of Fortis Hospital, left billions of assets at the age of 40 to join Radhasoami Satsang Beas. He will step down from Fortis in January 2016. On this occasion, we are telling you how Fortis Hospital started.

The country’s largest healthcare chain Fortis Hospitals has 54 healthcare facilities, 10,000 beds, and 260 diagnostic centers in 10 countries including Dubai, Mauritius, and Sri Lanka, apart from around 15 cities in the country. The business of Fortis Hospital, which provides almost all types of medical facilities, is about Rs 7.5 thousand crores.

Fortis Hospital was started in 2001 by Shivinder Singh and his elder brother Malvinder Mohan Singh. After Shivinder joins Radha Soami Beas, all the work of Fortis will be handled by his elder brother Malvinder. However, Shivinder Mohan Singh has said that along with the social service of Beas, he will continue to give ideas to his company. In the business of Fortis, Shivinder Singh and his elder brother Malvinder Mohan Singh hold 70% shares of the company, which is worth Rs 5636 crore.


How Healthcare Business Started

fortis hospital chandigarh


Shivinder Singh’s grandfather Mohan Singh had moved to Delhi from Rawalpindi after the partition of India and Pakistan. Mohan Singh had also brought most of his property with him from there, but he had no work in Delhi. After this, here he started the work of giving money to the people on interest.

At that time Ranbaxy used to be a medical distribution company started in Amritsar, which was run by two brothers named Ranjit Singh and Gurbaksh Singh. The name of Ranbaxy was formed by adding the word ‘Rain’ to Ranjeet and ‘Baxi’ in the name of Guru Baksh.

Ranbaxy also borrowed money from Shivinder’s grandfather Mohan Singh and could not return it. In such a situation, Mohan Singh became the owner of Ranbaxy. After this Mohan Singh joined the medical business and in 1969 Ranbaxy got the biggest success when the company made the sleeping pill Compose.

Mohan Singh divided the property among three sons

When Mohan Singh divided his property among his three sons, Ranbaxy went to Shivinder’s father Parvinder Singh. After this Parvinder Singh took Ranbaxy to the top companies of the world, but after that he died due to cancer. On this, Mohan Singh decided to induct his grandsons Malvinder and Shivinder Singh on the board of Ranbaxy.

Fortis Hospital Chandigarh

At first, both the brothers refused to join Ranbaxy, but later they accepted their grandfather’s advice. Malvinder Singh became the CEO of Ranbaxy in 2003. In 1996, both the brothers decided to start the Fortis healthcare chain and in the same year, they also joined Radha Swami Beas. After the opening of the first Fortis Hospital Chandigarh, Mohali in 2001, both the brothers opened Fortis Hospitals in many cities of the country including Delhi. After this, both the brothers sold their stake in Ranbaxy in 2008 for about Rs 1300 crore.

fortis hospital chandigarh

Fortis Hospital Chandigarh is a 250 bedded multi-specialty hospital with active cancer and cardiac care program, medical imaging, state-of-the-art neonatal ICU facilities, advanced surgery suites, and a comprehensive emergency & trauma center.

The Fortis Hospital Chandigarh includes a 22-bed Intensive Care Unit (ICU) in its unique Heart & Vascular Centre to provide a medically integrated approach for the efficient management of patients who suffer from critical illnesses like heart attack, stroke, or pulmonary embolism.

Fortis Hospital Chandigarh has a recently established 6-bedded MICU unit, which helps in the management of patients with complicated respiratory illnesses like acute lung infection & tuberculosis. The MICU unit also provides 24×7 observation & constant nursing care for patients on mechanical ventilators.

The hospital also has an onsite laboratory network that provides services to the hospital and surrounding areas. The hospital also has a beautiful auditorium to provide presentations & seminars on various topics.

Fortis Hospital was the first private multi-specialty hospital in Punjab. The hospital was started with a vision of providing quality healthcare to its patients and paying the utmost respect to their privacy through modern treatment facilities in its buildings and staff selection.

The hospital is owned by Fortis Healthcare Limited, an integrated healthcare services provider. renowned hospital in India which has been rewarded many times for its clinical excellence. The hospital came into existence in 2001 to provide global health treatment and facilities in the medical field.