IIAHP is an International nonprofit charitable trust and registered society. The organization offers comprehensive rehabilitation and therapy services for children who are born with or have acquired brain disorders. The center also acts as a child friendly learning enhancement school. Our rehabilitation program helps in improving the physical, speech, language and cognitive areas of the brain. We have a team of therapists who ensure that our children receive the best possible support for all their needs.

IIAHP is a centre for those who need help building their lives with dignity. Our aim is to provide the children with support and the necessary facilities to help them enjoy a happy and fulfilling life. We do this by giving them individual care and attention, enabling them to develop their potentials and feel secure.

What We Do

IIAHP is an institute for rehabilitation of children with brain disorders. We strive to develop better communication, cognitive, social and academic skills through our different therapies. We aim to help children with brain disorders understand, express and participate in the world around them. Our therapies are based on an individualized program, which is adapted to their needs.

Some Special Therapies of IIAHP Therapy Center

1) ORA FACIAL THERAPY– in this therapy we work inside the mouth and jaw to open up the airway, improve chewing and swallowing ability and reduce mouth breathing. after this child starts eating and swallowing on their own.

2) BRAIN GYM THERAPY– this is a gentle exercise program, which helps the kids to increase their brain’s processing speed, attention and coordination.

3) AUDIO VISUAL THERAPY– this helps to improve visual skills and auditory processing

4) FELDENKRAIS METHOD– This therapy helps the child to build their balance and perform basic movements. Some of the exercises involve sitting and standing.

5) READING PROGRAM– this helps improve children’s understanding of the written language.

6) NEURO THERAPY- We provide Neuro Therapy, which helps to improve the conditions of the brain by using different equipment to stimulate its functions.

7) ART THERAPY– This helps a child to express their feelings, thoughts and emotions through various art forms.

8) MUSIC THERAPY– it helps in improving the tone, pitch, rhythm and sequencing of speech.

9) Program For Better Vision– This helps in improving the vision of children with visual impairment.

10) Nutrition, Supplements & Diet– The dietician and a nutritionist help in ensuring that the child’s diet is properly supplemented with correct nutrition.

Other then this We provide Down Syndrome Treatment, Dyslexia Treatment, Autism treatment, Developmental Delay Treatment, Cerebral Palsy Treatment, Mental Retardation Treatment, Speech Therapy, Slow Learners Treatment, ADHD Treatment, and Therapies for Special Needs Children etc

Facilities Available AT The IIAHP Therapy Center

1) IIAHP centre has an air-conditioned auditorium, providing comfortable facility for children and their parents.

2) The centre has a huge library, containing books, DVDs and CDs from all over the world. There is a huge collection of the latest movies which is specially arranged for the children and other family members. There are also many other books which include old classics as well as new adventures in different languages and themes like mysteries, adventure stories etc. These are extremely useful for the kids to stimulate their imagination, reading and listening skills.

3) Music Room: The centre has a special music room with various musical instruments like keyboards, drums, guitars etc. which is a very friendly environment to develop musical skills. The children get to interact with one another while taking lessons in music.

4) TV Room: The room is designed to provide the children a chance to watch their favourite News Channels, Cartoon Channels and Movies whenever they wish.

5) Art Room: It has been designed to provide our patient a chance to express themselves through various art forms like Clay modelling, paper mache, drawing etc.

6) We have a team of doctors who are specialized in various diseases.

7) Computer Lab: This is a centrally located facility for the kids where they can learn new things in life or interact with others through mail, emails etc.

8) CCTV cameras for safety of children and monitoring of the therapists

9) Compassionate and loving staff.

10) We have home visits by our team of nursing assistants and therapists, so that the children can stay in the same environment. The nurses help the child’s mother to take care of them properly.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide best possible medical and therapeutic care for children with various brain disorders. We believe that all children should have equal opportunities to develop their potentials, feel secure and live happy lives.

Our Vision

Our vision is to help all those children who require special care and attention by providing a safe, happy, homely environment where they can learn the skills which will enable them to become a whole individual. Our aim is to give them their lives back and play an active role in the development of their community.

Career Opportunties At IIAHP Therapy Center

We have a number of positions in the centre. We require people who are highly motivated and would love to work in a unique environment.

Our team of nurses and therapists are dedicated to their work, wanting to make a difference in the lives of our patients and their families. Our nursing staff provides therapy, care and compassion for our patients. They also assist in feeding, dressing and hygiene of the children. The therapists also play a major role in making the therapy sessions effective through ensuring that their individual needs are met.

We also have a number of other staff who work as counsellors, clerical staff and volunteers. All these positions require dedication, enthusiasm and a lot of commitment.

If you are interested in working here and enjoy working with kids, we will be happy to meet you at the center.

Contact Details:

ADDRESS : 2529, Sector-35/C , Chandigarh (U.T.) India

CONTACTS : Phone : +91-7419502101 +91-9815652162 , +91-9815232162

Call us from US: +1-9495525620

Email : info@iiahp.com

Website : https://www.iiahp.com/

Ending Words

As a parent, it is very important for you to know about some of the best Down syndrome treatment centres in India. If your kid has been suffering from any of the mentioned problems, then it’s time to do something about it. IIAHP centres have one of the best therapies and doctors to treat your kid. So, contact them immediately and start the treatment. It is never too late to change their lives forever!

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