Karim’s Chandigarh: A Culinary Delight

Karim’s, a renowned name in the world of Mughlai cuisine, has long been synonymous with flavorsome dishes that tantalize taste buds. While the original Karim’s restaurant in Old Delhi has been a favorite among food enthusiasts for over a century, fans of this culinary gem were delighted when a new branch opened in Chandigarh. Let’s dive into the story of Karim’s Chandigarh and discover the culinary delights it has to offer.

A Legacy of Mughlai Cuisine

Karim’s has a rich heritage dating back to 1913 when Haji Karimuddin set up a small stall in Delhi. Over the years, it gained immense popularity for its authentic Mughlai recipes handed down through generations. With the opening of Karim’s in Chandigarh, locals and visitors alike can experience the same timeless flavors and traditional cooking techniques.

Exquisite Menu

At Karim’s Chandigarh, the menu boasts a wide array of mouth-watering dishes that cater to diverse palates. From aromatic biryanis to succulent kebabs and rich curries, every dish is prepared using the finest ingredients and authentic spice blends. The menu offers vegetarian and non-vegetarian options, ensuring that everyone can indulge in the culinary extravaganza.


Karim's Chandigarh


Karim's Chandigarh


Signature Specialties

Karim’s Chandigarh stays true to its roots by serving some of its signature specialties. The legendary Karim’s Biryani takes center stage, offering a fragrant blend of long-grain basmati rice, tender meat, and aromatic spices cooked to perfection. The restaurant’s kebabs, such as Seekh Kebab and Galouti Kebab, are known for their melt-in-your-mouth texture and robust flavors.

Rustic Ambience

The ambience at Karim’s Chandigarh complements the dining experience perfectly. The restaurant exudes a rustic charm with its traditional decor, giving patrons a glimpse into the heritage of Mughlai cuisine. Whether you’re seeking a cozy dinner with loved ones or a celebration with friends, Karim’s Chandigarh offers a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Commitment to Quality

Karim’s Chandigarh, like its Delhi counterpart, maintains a strong commitment to quality and consistency. The chefs meticulously follow authentic recipes, ensuring that each dish retains its distinctive flavors. With a focus on hygiene and customer satisfaction, Karim’s Chandigarh strives to provide an exceptional dining experience for every visitor.


Karim’s Chandigarh has carved a niche for itself in the city’s culinary landscape, offering a delightful journey into the world of Mughlai cuisine. With its rich legacy, exquisite menu, and commitment to quality, Karim’s Chandigarh has become a must-visit destination for food lovers. So, if you find yourself in Chandigarh and crave the tantalizing flavors of Mughlai cuisine, head over to Karim’s and prepare to embark on a truly unforgettable gastronomic adventure.

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