Pyramid Mohali Cafè Lounge Bar is a one-stop destination to Eat, Drink, and Party until your soul desires. The amazing concept of Cafè by Day | Lounge by Evening | Club at Night makes us North India’s must-visit spot. All we aim is to make your visit the most happening ever.

Pyramid Mohali

Pyramid Cafè Lounge Bar consists of two wings Pyramid Cafè & Pyramid Lounge. Cafè by Day serves the best of Mocktails, Juices and Beverages from a serene and beautiful environment with soothing music in the background. An ideal place to relax with friends.

Pyramid Mohali Lounge is a full entertainment lounge serving you with Live Performances, Live Bands and Nightclub parties every weekend which never fails to impress its clientele. We provide a stage for budding artists as well as renowned bands. Pyramid Lounge caters to the needs of every generation.

The Pyramid Club is filled with Disc Jockeys and Live Performances seven days a week. Pyramid club has been voted as Best Lounge and Best Nightclub in India multiple times. The Party starts at 9 pm on all days and gets wild as the night progresses.

The ATM Bar Pyramid Mohali

 Pyramid Mohali

Unique ideas are what Pyramid Hospitality stands for. The ATM bar Pyramid Mohali is the first self-service liquor station in India. The concept makes drinking your favourite freshly crafted beer as much as your taste buds allow. The first-of-its-kind technology is an experience that you need to savour. Social distancing needs are well met with this Wi-Fi-enabled bar where you choose, pay and drink at your choice. The four flavours of superlative beer are crafted at our microbreweries. It is set to be the talking point of the hospitality sector for years. Visit us today to use the first ATM bar Pyramid and enjoy your chilled beer.

The ATM bar, synonymous with Pyramid Cafè, is a self-service liquor station which allows you to pay for your drinks and drink them on the premises. Bijli Vihar has it first ATM bar in Delhi.

Pyramid Mohali has been making waves in the hospitality industry with its unique concepts, experiments and initiatives. One such experiment was an ATM bar at its cafè, which is now a phenomenon. Now it is bringing this experience to more bars and pubs all over the city.o the pyramid, is the first of its kind in India. A fully functional bar with a self-ordering system allows one to sample and choose any of the four beers on draught. Selected from your choice of Pyramid craft brewery (selected for their unique brews and brewed in pristine conditions), the beer is served at perfect temperatures with no waiting time. The ATM bar is an ideal place for a group outing, with a capacity for about twenty persons. The walls are decorated with modern graffiti art.

The bar utilises modern technology and is designed to create a social environment where customers can relax, socialise, meet and mingle and choose from a delicious range of IPAs, Pale Ales and Pilsners. The ATM bar is set to be the talk of the town, with many already wondering which country will be next to install it.

The ATM bar charges Rs 150 per head for tables that seat up to twelve people. The bar charges Rs 175 per head per table that can seat between twelve and twenty people. The maximum capacity of the ATM Bar is 200 persons.

The idea behind the ATM Bar is to give clients a selection of beer at the most competitive prices possible and deliver them a great experience at Pyramid Cafè Lounge Bar,” said Amit Kanodia, Director (Marketing), Pyramid Hospitality. “We have also introduced four new brands of beer and are happy that we now have an extensive range to offer our customers,” Kanodia added.


Pyramid Mohali operates in a cafe mode around noon, playing smooth Italian and House Mix music at a respectable volume, making it the best place for relaxed, comfortable seating and a sunny-side-up attitude. The ideal location for brunch, business meetings, get-togethers, student reunion parties, ladies’ cat parties, etc.


 Pyramid Mohali

Microbrewery Pyramid The Pyramid Café Lounge in Mohali has a fantastic brew house that is a Fully Automatic Wi-Fi Plant serving some wonderful, freshly brewed beers in 4 different flavours. The nicest thing about Pyramid Mohali, which has a microbrewery of its own, is that you may sample your favourite beer before placing an order. Pyramid Mohali is a must-visit location.


People enter an open lounge that has nothing obstructing the wider view. The open room is impressive with a complete long site view from a comfortable lounge sofa, even though you are not close to the riverfront. Blush as you enjoy your favourite beverage while enjoying the music and the scenery. reduces day-long weariness by relaxing. Dining with a sense of being on top of the world is what it’s all about when spending a romantic evening at Pyramid Mohali’s open Lounge, which serves superb real international flavours including Continental and Chinese culinary delights.

Pyramid Mohali is strategically found at a convenient & pleasing location, doing away with the challenges of a little city like congested city roads, parking issues and most sought-after “privacy”.

Egyptian-inspired Pyramid Cafe at Mohali presents an extended range of beers, wines, aperitifs, shooters, brandy, cocktails, flamers, imported scotch, whiskeys, rums, gins, vodkas and many more on the bar menu. Cuisine that ranges from the appetizing Indian palate to tempting international flavours provides the feel of fine dining.


 Pyramid Mohali

The festivities at Pyramid Mohali never end! Because everyday matters, you don’t need a special occasion to celebrate life. With some of the most well-known musicians in the world performing LIVE to uplift you, Pyramid Mohali is without a doubt the most vibrant and exciting location in town. At Pyramid, we guarantee that you will have an unforgettable experience thanks to our delicious food, a wide selection of drinks, and beautiful setting.

Address: 1010-1011, Connaught Plaza Sec-74A, Punjab 140307

Hours:  Open ⋅ Closes 12AM

Friday 11am–12am

Saturday 11am–12am

Sunday 11am–12am

Monday 11am–12am

Tuesday 11am–12am

Wednesday 11am–12am

Thursday 11am–12am

Phone: 075022 00001

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