Tourist Places In Chandigarh – If you’re planning to visit Chandigarh in the near future and want a little help picking out the right Tourist Places In Chandigarh, then this post is just for you. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best Tourist Places In Chandigarh. The list is based on the number of people who visited the place and rated it high for being a tourist destination.

Here are the Top Best Tourist Places In Chandigarh

1) Rock Garden

Rock Garden Chandigarh

The Rock Garden is one of the most famous Tourist Places In Chandigarh and it’s visited by millions of people every year. It was actually designed in an amazing way by Mr. Nek Chand who was the official sweeper of the public parks department. The place is actually mostly made up of construction debris and rocks and thus it’s a typical example of the waste products of Chandigarh. The Rock Garden is quite interesting and gives a great feeling of enjoying wild nature at its best. It has a lush green environment and little waterfalls which are perfect for kids to enjoy. It’s a unique attraction which you can’t miss when in Chandigarh.


2) Sukhna Lake

Sukhna Lake

Sukhna Lake is another great tourist destination in Chandigarh. It is one of the most beautiful places in the city and it’s ideal for relaxing and enjoying the nature. The lake is surrounded by beautiful greenery and offers you a scenic view of the lake and the city of Chandigarh. It is full of people who come there just to relax and enjoy the beauty of the lake. It’s huge size makes you fall in love with it and its calm environment gives you a relaxing feeling like no other. You can also enjoy the boat ride in this lake and it can give you an amazing experience while in Chandigarh.


3) Rose Garden

Rose Garden Chandigarh

If you’re a fan of beautiful flowers and want to enjoy lush green environment of Chandigarh then the Rose Garden is one of the best places to visit. It is a famous garden dedicated to the beautiful and colorful roses and is located in Sector 16. The garden has around 10000 roses of different colors and sizes waiting to be admired by you. You can enjoy a stroll through the garden which will give you a unique experience of enjoying Chandigarh’s beauty. This place is perfect for taking pictures of your loved ones and is a great place to enjoy in Chandigarh.


4) Elante Mall

Elante mall is one of the best Tourist Places In Chandigarh. It’s a beautiful mall which is always crowded with people as it has loads of shops, restaurants and a lot more in it. It also has a multiplex in it, thus making it a perfect place to hang around with your family and friends. It offers you a unique and wonderful experience and you can’t miss it if you’re planning to visit Chandigarh.


5) Manas Devi Temple

The Manas devi temple is another great place worth visiting while in Chandigarh. It’s a Hindu temple dedicated to Goddess Manasa and is located in Sector 4, Panchkula . This place is famous for its wonderful architecture and you can see beautiful sculptures of the gods on the walls of this temple. The temple also offers you a unique experience while you’re in Chandigarh. It’s a great place to spend your time with your family and friends. So, if you’re looking for some spiritualism with your trip then this place is perfect for you.


6) Nada Sahib Gurudwara

Nada Sahib Gurudwara is one of the most visited Tourist Place In Chandigarh. It’s a famous Sikh temple and is located in Panchkula. The main purpose of this gurudwara was to serve as a place of worship for Sikhs. It’s quite famous among the Sikhs and you can easily find people visiting it on every Sunday as they come there to offer their prayers and spend some time with their family and friends.


7) Chhatbir Zoo

Chhatbir Zoo

The Chhatbir zoo is the No.1 place to visit in Chandigarh if you’re looking for a tourist destination with loads of animals and birds to enjoy. It’s a great place to spend some quality time with your family and friends. The zoo has around 2500 species of animals and birds and is a great place to spend your time with your loved ones. You can also see lions, tigers, elephants and many more animals in the zoo. A visit to the zoo is a must if you’re visiting Chandigarh and you can’t miss this zoo if you’re in the city.


8) Morni Hills

Morni Hills

The Morni hills are a truly amazing place to visit in Chandigarh. It’s a beautiful hill station located around 40 Kms from Chandigarh and is a great place to visit if you want to enjoy the greenery of Chandigarh. The hills are full of lush green trees and offer you a scenic view which is hard to miss. It’s a perfect destination for spending quality time with your family and friends since it has loads of things to do. You can enjoy a beautiful walk through the hills or a boat ride and you’ll be amazed at the beauty of the place. A visit to this hill station is an amazing experience and you can’t miss it if you’re in Chandigarh.


Final words…

If you’re a tourist looking for a unique and amazing experience while you’re in Chandigarh then these are some of the best places worth visiting. They offer you a great experience and you can’t miss them if you’re a tourist in the city. So, go ahead and visit these places while you’re in Chandigarh to feel the beauty of this amazing city.

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